Exploring different perspectives

I love a good story

This is exactly why Pollen lives in a world full of freelance storytelling adventures.

Sometimes I’m in full-on visual artist mode, whilst other times I’m working with a more illustrative or graphical mindset; it all depends on the story being shared.

I’m a huge fan of working on co-produced projects which bring together individuals with different experiences to inform positive social change. I regularly work with individuals who have experienced things like poverty, mental ill-health or homelessness using visual storytelling and narrative research (my doctorate specialism) as a way for people to share their voices, call and make changes to systems, services and communities.

I am always respectful of how we all experience the world differently; I listen, learn and then feed insights from multiple perspectives into the work, whether it be visual arts, illustrative or narrative research (using creative approaches which embed ethical considerations and co-production).

My work often explores ideas of social capital, identity, the interconnectivity between body-mind-place (informed by sensory experiences); and stylistically, is detailed, rich in storytelling and inspired by Northern artists (Lowry, Roger Hampson and Stephanie Dingle) and Indian art forms (free movement, symbolism, breath). I also love the energy, movement and interdisciplinary nature of work by 1950’s pattern designer Lucienne Day.

When a new arts project comes in, I love to start with hand-drawn ideas, exploring the layers of opportunity to visually support or create stories. I then often head over to my lovely Wacom tablet to draw digitally.